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Exploratory Research

We are performing exploratory research for difficult-to-treat diseases for a better future. We collaborate with the academia, including the Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology of Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine.

1.Development of therapeutic drugs for retinopathy
2.Development of cancer related kinase inhibitors
3.Development of drugs that modulate abnormal splicing

Please visit the research section of Kyoto University Department of Anatomical Developmental Biology website for detailed information.


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Cancer Cell. Dec 13;20(6):768-80.

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Nowak, D.G., Amin, E.M., Rennel, E.S., Hoareau-Aveilla, C., Gammons, M., Damodoran, G., Hagiwara, M., Harper, S.J., Woolard, J., Ladomery, M.R., et al. (2010) Regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) splicing from pro-angiogenic to anti-angiogenic isoforms: a novel therapeutic strategy for angiogenesis.
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Takeuchi, A., Hosokawa, M., Nojima, T., and Hagiwara, M. (2010) Splicing reporter mice revealed the evolutionally conserved switching mechanism of tissue-specific alternative exon selection.
PLoS One 5, e10946.
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