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Base technology

Drug discovery activity for variety of diseases

Drug discovery platform that enables sustained discovery of compounds with pharmaceutical potential to variety of diseases such as viral diseases, central nervous system diseases, and malignant tumors.

Clinical needs

Our organizational structure enables us to closely works with both the clinical community and cutting-edge medical researchers, which makes it possible for us to focus on research with high clinical needs.

Our original kinase inhibitor panel

Based on the focused chemical library that we developed from a unique basic molecular structure we found to be against disease-related kinases, we have a system that allows us to continuously create a new pipeline.

Focusing on small chemical compounds

We focus on small chemical compounds that make it possible for us to offer reasonable pharmaceuticals to patients by reducing the cost of synthesis and development.

Our original method of evaluation

We have a team of researchers with high competency and original technology to accurately evaluate and screen for compounds against the target kinases.

Patent Strategy

We formulate a strong patent portfolio by cooperating with top-notch Japanese patent attorney offices to ensure our state as first mover of a new concept of drug discovery.
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